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“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”
-Booker T. Washington


For many individuals, college completion is an unattainable goal.  Whether they achieved perfect grades in high school or struggled, not all students are equipped with the skills that will lead to success.  Some schools concentrate on certain skills while others do not.  Some students are “finding themselves” and decide on the college path later in their high school career and find it difficult to meet admission requirements.  Some have been told that they “are not college material”.  We all have our own stories. We all have our own experiences which shape our perception of our abilities.  Some perceptions are “right on the mark” while others have been tainted by others.  When we believe others’ views of us that can either empower us or create a cyclical process of negative responses that we self-actualize.  We trust others’ opinion of us more than our own, at times.

If we want to break this cycle and learn about our capabilities, our strengths, and our challenges we must make the effort to break away and explore the skill set we possess and that which we must achieve in order to meet our goals.

This is what C.A.N. is all about.

C.A.N. will assist your student in conquering the negative self-perceptions, help them to achieve their goals, and assist them in narrating THEIR future.

Through a variety of delivery methods from webinars, one-on-one sessions, and virtual classroom exercises they will explore and enhance their skill set prior to and during your college years.

The participant will learn, through C.A.N., about how cognitive, institutional, and social factors affect their college success.

While that sounds great for the student, some of you may have some questions yourself.  Whether you’re a first-time college parent or have gone through it a few times things are changing in your student’s life and, therefore, your own.  C.A.N. offers something that we call “Parent Briefing” to assist you in navigating through the college years.  Below are some questions that you may have during the college journey in which C.A.N. can offer assistance.


  • How do I help my student understand the difference between high school and college
  • How can my student find support on campus
  • Should my student take summer classes
  • What if my student has been put on academic probation
  • What if my student is homesick
  • How do I assess if your student is academically at-risk
  • When should my student withdraw from a class
  • How to assist your student through the transfer process


If you feel that you would like these questions or other questions answered, then you should consider signing up for the “Parent Briefing”. This service is free to parents of active C.A.N. participants. If your student is not a C.A.N. participant, you can still utilize this service at a nominal fee.  For more information, please fill out the application and list some questions you may have.  We will contact you and discuss how we can be of assistance in your journey as a college parent.


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